Become Tech Savvy

Using from new technology is easier and faster

You are never too old to learn how to use technology, and you should use these tips to become tech savvy at any age.

  • Start with the basics. Learn how to use a simple phone or computer. Set up an email account and email your friends and relatives.
  • Learn about a few websites at a time. Get on one social media site, or learn how to use Google. Master using one site before you move on to the next so that things won’t get confusing.
  • Learn the differences between devices. The more you learn about how a phone works compared to a computer or tablet, the more prepared you will feel to use any one of those devices. Put some effort into learning about how to use them before you even buy a device.

Take your time as you learning about technology so that you will get everything right. You can have fun as you use your devices to do a variety of tasks, from editing pictures to listening to music. But you should start with the basics, such as using your email or a search engine, so that you won’t get confused or frustrated while learning about technology.