Learn from your Library!

Libraries are no longer just for books. Many libraries now offer services designed to help individuals learn about the ever-expanding world of technology. For example, a library in Fort Pierce is now offering programs teaching individuals how to use social networks. For most of us this kind of thing is fairly obvious but surprisingly it’s not as intuitive as we might think. The programs are designed to help people with no experience and no one is judged for their abilities. Attendance is generally free and all that’s required is often just a library card.
These programs are often run by local volunteers and if you feel you are sufficiently advanced with these programs it’s always a great idea to get out into your community and volunteer.
Some of the other programs offered are
-Learning about streaming services such as Netflix/Hulu and other alternatives to cable
-How to use IOS devices such as iphone’s or ipods (bring your own device)
-How to utilize Microsoft office suite including excel, Word and PowerPoint